Privacy Policy

We have chosen these areas in Massachusetts to help those in the community. It is important that we reach out to those who may be needing financial assistance. Don't live your life in stress thinking about the debt you have. Instead, get a payday loan or other loan service from Boston Payday Loan Solution. These local areas around Massachusetts are what brings the communities together. This beautiful state is here for a reason. Within these towns are average people working for a living. Trying to make ends meet. Maybe you are not living paycheck to paycheck, but there are people closer to you than you think. This privacy policy will inform you on how the people can protect their privacy when visiting websites. Our privacy policy is very important and should be taken seriously.

By having multiple areas, we can stretch this company to help those who need it. Word of mouth is a great way to advertise. That is why we have expanded to certain areas. We want to provide our loan services so that you and the rest of Massachusetts can get the financial help you are looking for. We all have those times where we could use a little extra money for Holidays, birthdays, groceries, clothes, etc. It is hard enough working to provide with what you already have. Let us help guide you down the financial path you should be heading. At Boston Payday Loan Solution, we want you to be in a great financial position and we can get you there.

The Privacy Policy Purpose

It is really important to understand what a privacy policy consists of. When it comes to your personal information, knowing how it will be used is very important. Anytime that you fill out an application for a payday loan or other service type, you are consenting to your personal information to be stored and shared. We will store your information into an account in our database. This account will be stored in case you wish to become a customer of ours. Then we will have your information already into an account. This is the same scenario for when you complete a survey. Every now and then we will advertise a survey on our website. If you fill it out and complete it, you are giving us the consent to contact you regarding your submission. Once you have filled out a survey, if you do not wish to receive emails, newsletters or text messages from us, you must opt out of the services. This is done by clicking on the link from our website.

We would also like to talk about third party affiliates and marketing. Whenever you are visiting our website, you are automatically consenting to your computer information to be used. We will be able to access your cookies, see what type of browser you are using and even tell where you are located in the United States. This is not considered personal information. In this privacy policy, when we refer to personal information, we are talking about things like name, address, telephone number, etc. However, you are voluntarily providing us with your computer information. The only reason why we would need to use your computer information would be for technical uses only. That is when our marketing and IT groups will utilize the information given to us to conduct surveys. Boston Payday Loan Solution wants to make sure that you are getting the best experience from our website. This is why we are constantly using information to get feedback from all of the visitors that come to the website.

Privacy Policy On Sharing

Boston Payday Loan Solution will never sell your personal information for any reason to third parties. We will only share your information in order to conduct surveys to better improve the website. You may hear many companies talk about how payday loan centers are scams and they will share your personal information with other companies. This is not true. There are only a few reasons as to why we would share or give your information to someone without your consent. This would include: court orders from a judge, subpoena, and even private investigators from fraud units. By law, we are required to submit all requested information with no questions asked. It is not our responsibility to notify you of these happenings. There is also nothing Boston Payday Loan Solution, or you can do to stop this transaction from happening. Please refrain from contacting us regarding this matter.

There are other loan services that we can provide to you. You are able to apply online or simply fill out an application in the store. By reading this privacy policy, you are consenting to the information you will provide through your payday loan application. Please be aware of what you are filling out online. Not only do you want to protect your personal information, but you also want to be sure you are not subject to fraud. Keep your information private by only filling out forms you know. Boston Payday Loan Solution recommends that id you are not familiar with the website, company or product, then don't fill out anything with your information. Always read the privacy policy first.